Traction Alopecia

Due to trends in hairstyles regarding ponytails and braiding, more and more women have been suffering from “traction alopecia.” One of its primary causes is wearing hairstyles that pull the hair too tight, creating excessive traction (tight braids and pony tails pulled too tight).

Harsh products such as hard styling gels also tear out the hair. They clog the follicles and some women accidentally rip out their hair when the product is removed incorrectly. This can damage the follicle to the point the hair stops growing in the affected area.

Tight hairstyles create excessive hair loss, far greater than the standard amount of strands shed per day. It is best to keep the scalp clean, free from harsh products and hairstyles that pull the hair.  Weaves that are created by braiding the individual’s natural hair then sowing additional hair onto the head by using the braids as an anchor, can also cause traction alopecia.

The tight braids that the additional hair is attached to is often pulled during daily styling, which can create hair loss.  Hair extensions are added to hair using a special gum-like hair glue. It creates a tight hold. Some people improperly remove hair extensions in roughly pulling on it to break the seal. This takes out some of their hair in the process. The glue remover should be used to gentle break the seal and not the hair.

It is best to not constantly put your hair in tight hairstyles. The constant traction can give you bald spots and thinning of the hair. Keep the scalp clean and give it a chance to get air. Tight, slicked back hairstyles are not worth losing your hair over.