Pregnant Women, Nutrition, Exercise And Stress Avoidance

Women sometimes see pregnancy as a time to eat significant amounts of junk food. However, for the health of mother and baby, it is best to choose healthy, nutritious foods.

Well cooked fish, chicken, turkey and fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains are the best foods to choose. Be careful to avoid raw or under-cooked fish and meat, which could harbor pathogens and parasites.

Some women binge on junk food while pregnant. Poor eating habits, such as excessive sugar consumption, particularly refined sugar, can lead to diabetes, which would impact your health and that of your unborn baby.

Cravings for some foods will occur, such as fried chicken and chocolate, but be careful not to go on constant junk food binges during pregnancy.

Avoid smoking, drugs and alcohol consumption during pregnancy, as they can cause birth defects, miscarriages and still births. None of it is advisable during pregnancy (smoking, illegal narcotics use and excessive drinking regarding alcoholic beverages is not good for anyone’s health).

Avoid stress during pregnancy. When the mother is stressed and experiencing anxiety, the fetus experiences the same, due to increased levels of cortisol in the body. A stressed expectant mother can unintentionally create an environment for her unborn baby to develop “fetal distress.”

Women should also be careful of the pharmaceutical drugs they take during pregnancy, as some can cause birth defects and miscarriages. If you can avoid all pharmaceutical medication during pregnancy, it is best. Talk to your doctor about the risks of each pharmaceutical drug you currently take and the impact it can have on an unborn child.

It is also important to avoid dying or bleaching your hair during pregnancy. Healthcare professionals advise against this practice during pregnancy, as it can be harmful to the baby. Avoid all laser hair removal treatments as well, until you have safely given birth to your baby.

Excessive exercising during pregnancy can also be harmful, especially during a high risk pregnancy. After all, some women are order on bed rest during pregnancy. Exercise should be low impact and moderate. All exercise should also be approved by your licensed physician.

Pre-pregnancy weight is also important. Women who are overweight have greater difficulty conceiving and a higher risk of miscarriage. Get your body as healthy as possible in anticipation of pregnancy.

Aim to have as healthy and a natural pregnancy as possible, avoiding stress, toxins, chronic junk food binges and overly taxing activities. Enjoy your pregnancy as a happy time to nurture human life, bond with your unborn baby and relax. Have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Genetically Modified And Scientifically Altered Foods Are Not The Best For Your Health

In an effort to cater to health conscious people, a number of food companies have produced products that are artificial versions of existing items, but with less calories and fat.

There are modified versions of butter and sugar, among other things, on the market, which have less or no calories, but contain chemicals that are not conducive to healthy neurological functions.

Some products were even branded cancerous in post-release studies, such as the formerly popular, alternative, chemical version of sugar, known as Saccharin.

Genetically modified and scientifically altered foods are not the best options for your health. Not to mention, the pesticides used during the growing process, as well as chemicals such as chlorine sprayed on fruits, vegetables and chicken for presentation purposes (to make them look more appealing) are not healthy.

Many non-organic meat products (including chicken) have been pumped full of hormones to make them bigger and look more appealing. When people go to the supermarket, they pick the biggest and plumpest chicken, turkey and cuts of beef, as it is more food and they look better on the table (that picturesque Christmas turkey or chicken). However, it is at a price, because these items do not natural grow to the sizes and shapes being presented in many major nations’ supermarkets.

These hormones in the food are causing girls to develop breasts at a younger age and more facial and bodily hair.

People should also be careful with their consumption of tofu and other soy products. Due to the fact many soybeans have been genetically altered and use certain methods of extraction to create soy products, coupled with the consumption levels by some, it is promoting cancer in select people.

While it is difficult to escape some genetically modified foods, especially if you live in a major world nation, one of the best things you can do is stay away from altered versions of sugar and butter, as much as you can. Some people consume real butter, but much less of it. Some consume brown sugar in moderation, rather than artificial sweeteners. Some consumer sea salt in moderation, rather than iodized salt.

Rather than artificial products, the more natural foods you choose the better for your health (fresh fruits, vegetables, black beans, lentils, brown rice and no more than 7 eggs per week if you have a healthy heart).

Some supermarkets, especially smaller ones, do not carry a wide variety of natural foods, which makes it more difficult to find the healthiest products. However, do try to buy more fresh fruits and vegetables. Additionally, buy genuine organic foods when you can afford to, as they aim to be chemical/pesticide free, which is better for your health.

Organic Food

Fruits, vegetables and lean proteins are essential to the proper nutritional support and maintenance of the human body. Genuinely organic food and meat is always best, as it is free from chemicals such as pesticides.

Non-organic fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides. Non-organic poultry and meat are injected with hormones and steroids for a fuller, more uniform appearance. These chemicals are not good for the human body and can promote disease, such as cancer and neurological disorders.

If you are having difficulty purchasing the somewhat more expensive organic food, you can plant and grow a chemical free fruit and vegetable garden in your backyard, to assist in offsetting the cost of your grocery bills.

Genuinely organic fruits, vegetable, poultry and meat even taste better, as they have not been treated with the harsh chemicals and processes as non-organic food.