Taking Vitamins

There has been a significant amount of debate in medical and science circles regarding the usefulness and effectiveness of taking vitamins. Some are of the belief taking vitamins, especially consuming vitamin C to excess, is cancerous.

It is debatable that vitamins can cause cancer. There are many people who have taken vitamins for years and they have not developed cancer. Other factors are at play.

One thing is certain, it is best to get vitamins naturally from healthy food (lean proteins, fruits, vegetables). Taking vitamins, especially multi-vitamins, can create excessive hunger, which can lead to overeating and weight gain. This can throw the body’s system out of whack.

It has the appearance of synthetic vitamins being a mechanism that triggers hunger to prompt the individual to eat more food in order to gain additional vitamins.

Gummy vitamins, modeled on the gummy bear candy, is also a problem, as it contains refined sugar, which can lead to weight gain and if consumed in excess, be a gateway to diabetes. Diabetics should not consume vitamins with sugar present, as it can affect blood glucose levels.